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Products for Doctors and Nurses
DuoVita B.V.

DuoVita is operating worldwide in the healthcare industry

We are a well trusted and reliable business which has a lot of experience with delivering many different sorts of products to government and non-governnment organisations and businesses.
Duovita comprises of two divisions. An e-commerce division and a wholesale/distributor division.
Our e-commerce division supplies medical related products directly to the end-user.
The wholesale/distributor division supplies resellers and stockists with a large range of medical related products.

Duovita is a proud winner of the Gazellen Award 2017.
This award is given to businesses with the highest growth rate in the Netherlands.
Wholesale - Distributor
We provide a large range of medical related products to retailers
and stockists.
DuoVita B.V. is distributor and/or importer of the following brands:

Swiss Medical is an authentic Swiss manufacturer of high grade products for healthcare staff.
Tjoelup Medical Clogs are funky and colourful clogs for use in healthcare settings.
MedToolz is a growing brand for accessoires and instruments in the healthcare industry
Moofs footwear are comfortable shoes and clogs for nurses.
E-commerce Websites
A wide range of products is directly available to end-users via e-commerce websites.
The following websites are part of the Duovita-group:

Selling via our websites

Information for manufacturers of medical related products

We are always looking to expand our product range. Do you have a product that we can add to our assortment? Please contact us with your details.
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